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FMX Team 2

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Control a team of freestyle motocross riders and compete in several events in FMX Team 2, the new and improved version of the original FMX Team game. Start by giving your team a name, and click the “Next” button when you’re ready to take on the tracks that lie ahead.

Take a look at the track map that appears on the next screen. Each different stop on the circuit will be marked with a gray circle on the map. Your first stop will be the tutorial level where you will be given an in-game demonstration of how to play. We recommend taking a moment to watch it because it will save you some time reading the instructions and it explains the controls well. If you’ve got a lot of experience playing dirt bike games you can always opt to skip it and jump straight into the action.

With the tutorial out of the way, the competition begins. Throughout each of the game’s 15 levels you will be challenged to perform different tricks, and utilize different riders. The riders you will be using are Joey Dirt (“Speedfreak”), Maikel Maniac (“Freestyle Icon”) and Britta Olsen (“Femail Daredevil”). Each rider has a unique skill set and their max speed, bike weight, driving, and acrobatic stats differ. You will gain experience points by completing tasks throughout the game which can be used to increase each rider’s stats.

Each rider is given a trick to perform before the level starts. If you land this trick, you will unlock a new trick and immediately be able to perform it. You will be given two minutes on each level to demonstrate your freestyle skills. Complete different tricks to rack up a high score and place your team ahead of your competition. You will be shown your opponents scores at the bottom of the screen so that you can easily keep track of how they’re doing.

Avoid wiping out as you will only be given three lives. Each time you crash a life will be taken away. Complete each level without crashing in order to advance to the next. It’s important to keep in mind that you will have to rotate your riders as you cannot use the same rider twice in a row, so make sure to learn each of the character’s riding style. This is one of the hardest FMX games around, so good luck rider — you’ll need it!

Instructions and Controls for FMX Team 2

Use the UP ARROW key to accelerate and move forward.

Hit the DOWN ARROW key to use the brakes.

Lean Backwards/Backflip
Hold down the LEFT ARROW key to lean backwards and do backflips.

Lean Forward/Front Flip
Hold the RIGHT ARROW key to lean forward and perform a front flip.

Hold the UP ARROW and LEFT ARROW keys to do a wheelie while on the ground.

Perform Trick
Use the 1 – 6 NUMBER keys to do various tricks while in the air.

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