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FMX Team

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Start the game FMX Team by typing in your name. This will allow you to track your success against yourself and others on the leader board in this FMX game. After entering your name, you will be asked to select which rider you would like to use: Dyson, Travis, or Rossi. Each of the riders have different skill sets that will allow you to play the game to its full potential. The riders also have different tricks that they can do, so take your pick! To start, though, you’ll have to use Dyson. The other riders can be unlocked as you complete different challenges in the game.

In order to clear each level, you will have to exceed the required score by successfully landing different stunts. Be careful, though. Your points will be wiped out and you will be forced to restart the level if you happen to crash or take a spill. You will have to complete the level and meet the point total given to you before the timer in the upper right-hand corner of the screen runs out in order to clear the level. Stay on your bike and rack up the points to advance to the next level.

After completing levels, the rider you used will get tired and you will be forced to select a different rider. Don’t worry, though, the rider will be available for the next level you advance to. Combine tricks for a boost to your score and you’ll be well on your way to the top spot on your FMX team. Get tricky!

Instructions and Controls for FMX Team

Move Forward
Use the UP ARROW key to move your biker forward.

Lean Backwards
Press the LEFT ARROW key to lean the rider’s body backwards.

Lean Forwards
Hit the RIGHT ARROW key to lean your biker forward.

Pause/Resume Game
Use the SPACE BAR to pause and resume the game.

Perform Stunt
Hit the 1 – 5 number keys to perform various tricks while in the air.

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