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Stunt Mania

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Select your track and you’re ready to go in the freestyle motocross game Stunt Mania. When you begin, you will only be given one level that you can play. Additional levels are unlocked as you progress and prove your worth in the game. You will be given points for each trick that you successfully land without crashing. Points earned will not be reset, even if you do take a spill.

A variety of stunts can be performed, and they can also be combined for more points. Combining stunts requires a lot of air time as each individual trick will take longer to pull off. You will be given a point challenge for each level, and the point total must be met before the timer has run out in order to advance to the next level.

Avoid wiping out and land sick tricks to reach the end and prove your worth to the FMX world.

Instructions and Controls for Stunt Mania

Move Forward
Use the UP ARROW key to move your rider forward.

Move Backward
Hit the DOWN ARROW key to move your rider backward.

Lean Forward
Press the RIGHT ARROW key to lean forward.

Lean Backward
Use the LEFT ARROW key to lean your rider backwards.

Turn Around
Turn your bike and rider around using the SPACE BAR key on your keyboard.

Perform Stunt
Perform various stunts using the number keys on your keyboard.

  • 1 – Seat
  • 2 – Barhop
  • 3 – Christ-air
  • 4 – Stripper
  • 5 – Ruler
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