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Moto X Madness

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Choose your challenge and compete for medals in Moto X Madness. Aspects of several different types of online motocross games are combined, giving it tons of replay value. The four different game modes are technical run, flipping, time attack and balloon pop.

Before starting each run, you will be given the objectives that need to be completed in order to obtain a medal. The requirements for a bronze medal are the easiest, and the gold medal requirements are the hardest.

In the technical run mode, you are challenged to complete the course making as few mistakes as possible. Each time you fall it is counted as a restart and diminish your chances for taking home the gold. Restarts are tracked in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

Flipping mode gives you a certain number of flips to complete for each medal. Do backflips and front flips off of the ramps to improve your place. You must land the flips in order for them to be counted.

Time attack is simply a timed race. Finish as fast as possible to earn your spot at the top.

Lastly, balloon pop mode asks you to pop balloons that are scattered throughout the track. Simply run into them in order to pop them. Stay on course to avoid missing balloons.

This madness takes place on four unique tracks, giving you a total of 20 gold medals to shoot for. Take them all home and become the most wicked dirt bike rider on the web.

Instructions and Controls for Moto X Madness

Hold the UP ARROW key to ride forward and the DOWN ARROW to reverse.

Use the LEFT ARROW key to lean backwards and the RIGHT ARROW to lean forwards.

While in the air, hold the LEFT ARROW key to backflip and the RIGHT ARROW to front flip.

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