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Trials Dynamite Tumble

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Your objective in Trials Dynamite Tumble is the opposite of most dirt bike games. In this one, crashing isn’t only encouraged, it’s required. Your challenge is to pull of the sickest, most painful wipe out possible. Have a first aid kit handy if you’re up for it.

Speed up before you hit the ramp and lean back a little to get as much air as you can. Once you’re in the air, it’s time to bail. You’ll activate dynamite and bounce when you hit the ground. Set off as much dynamite as you can and bounce around as much as possible for maximum success in the somewhat twisted game of Trials Dynamite Tumble.

Suffer through four awesome levels and go for a high score. Go hard, your best run for each level will be tracked and displayed on the main menu. You’ve only got three runs, so get in, break some bones, and make ‘em count!

Instructions and Controls for Trials Dynamite Tumble

Speed Up
Accelerate using the UP ARROW key before hitting the ramp.

Hit the brakes using the DOWN ARROW key.

Lean Forward
Lean your rider forward with the RIGHT ARROW.

Lean Back
Hold the LEFT ARROW to lean your rider backwards.

Bail Out
Hit the SPACE BAR to bail out while in the air.

Move Rider (After Bailing)
Use all of the ARROW keys to move your rider after bailing.

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Trials Dynamite Tumble, 4.3 out of 5 based on 6 ratings

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  1. WindyLee says:

    Extremely fun!

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